Stand Up

Our community needs active members. Each republicEn brings different skills and interests to the table. Our local communities lean heavily on a few dedicated leaders, but we also need numbers. Our goal is to reach 10,000 republicEns this spring -- that's 10,000 profiles of constituents standing up for conservative climate leadership. Our members are offered opportunities to become engaged in programming, media relations, social media, and educational outreach to their Member of Congress.

Most of us are not anonymous. We encourage each other to post a picture, first name, and their hometown on our republicEn map. That way, when a few republicEns sit down with their Senator, a few clicks on our site shows an army of passionate republicEn constituents ready to cheer on climate leadership.

I'm En because...

I want to see conservatives leading with solutions rather than shrinking in science denial

it's time for conservatives to lead on climate change and put forward free-market solutions

the beauty of the earth shouldn’t be spoiled by small-ball politics