David McLarren

David mclarren

David is an outspoken conservative advocate at Washington State University where he has led the fight for free market policies as president of their chapter of Young Americans for Liberty. As a Washington native he has seen the effect of climate change in his state resulting in larger forest fires every year and lower snowfalls leading to water shortages for farmers. David is double majoring in Public Relations and Risk and Crisis Communication with a minor in Political Science. He worked to help Cathy McMorris Rodgers win re-election in the 2018 midterms as the Whitman County Field Organizer. He interns at the Foley Institute, a non-partisan organization established at WSU in 1995 to honor Speaker Foley's more than 30 years of public service to both state and nation as the 57th Speaker of the House of Representatives. A Seattle native, he hopes to continue in politics at the state level after his graduation in May 2019.