Enact Environmental Tax Reform

Climate realists accept the need for a bold climate solution, and the most effective, transparent and forthcoming way is by enacting environmental tax reform. The U.S. should get market distorting energy subsidies off the books, including the most costly of all: the free release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Achieving environmental tax reform won’t be easy, but republicEns think it’s worth the fight to build an energy sector based on accountable, free enterprise principles. Without meaningful environmental tax reform, American companies and innovators will continue to compete for political patronage. In the meantime, major polluters are being granted a free pass to pollute without fee or consequence.

“The solution? Eliminate all subsidies for all fuels. Make all fuels fully accountable for all of the costs they bring upon society. Figure a way to make it in our trading partners' interests to join us on a level playing field where all products bear all of their climate costs. No more socializing soot. No more passing on climate costs to future generations.” -Bob Inglis

By contrast to the environmental tax reform route, the regulatory status quo is growing government, failing to adequately address environmental risks, and diminishing the ability of the energy industry to make informed investment decisions. When market distortions are removed, innovation is sparked. Current government programs spend heavily on technologies on the precipice of market readiness instead of funding bold frontier science. The government can promote innovation with a small footprint by recognizing that their role diminishes as technologies move from conception to commercialization.

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