Two "card-carrying Republicans" and a Libertarian say "yes' to climate action

September 26, 2018 - University of Nebraska - Lincoln, NE

Two card-carrying Republicans and a Libertarian

A man and a woman about my age approached me after our marquee event at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. "We were like you—making fun of Al Gore and climate change," she told me. "But then, my brother, who's an architect, encouraged us to make the house we were building energy efficient. We did so, and it changed the way we look at energy. Now we're into taking action on climate change—and, hey, we're card-carrying Republicans!"

We talked about how climate change laugh lines lose their funniness if you've experienced the impacts of a changing climate—whether it's flooding from Hurricane Florence in North or South Carolina or wildfires or smoke out west or drought or changes on your farm's growing patterns wherever you are.

Next, a Libertarian student approached me. "I tracked with everything you said here tonight. I'm excited about your mission." I told him that he's not alone—that many Libertarian students see the wisdom of Dr. Milton Friedman's words [link here to the video on our website] about the power of price signals and the need to internalize negative externalities.

In fact, Libertarian students do seem particularly open to principled arguments. Unlike some groups on campus, they rally more to sound ideas than to partisan identifications. They seem more devoted to advancing cherished ideals than to advancing their own political careers. As such, they're inspiring compatriots, and we're glad to help amplify their voices. Interacting with them and with the student volunteers who organized our UNL event make us confident that we're going to win. The only question is whether we win soon enough to avoid the worst consequences of climate change.

Bob Inglis
Executive Director - republicEn