Young, smart and conservative, the coms director for the Harris County GOP participated at lunch and then followed up with an invitation to record a podcast

October 03, 2018 - University of Houston - Houston, TX

Houston, we have an opening

Vlad, the Communications Director for the Harris County Republican Party, joined the lunch we sponsored with GOP leaders. Young, smart and conservative, he was open to us, tweeting a photo in the course of the lunch and writing that it was a "great conversation."

Shortly after the lunch he called with an invitation to come to the County Party headquarters to film an interview. We made some adjustments to the schedule and headed off to the headquarters for a solid, 20-minute interview of high-octane conservatism that would have made Milton Friedman proud. (He was quoted, of course!)

I have follow up work to do from the lunch. I hope to introduce two of the participants, Gayle and Mark, to my friend Lindsay Linsky or at least introduce them to Lindsay's book, Keeping it Good. I met Lindsay at a Christian Coalition event in Alabama earlier this year. Her book is a collection of modern-day parables that tells the story of Creation care. Its powerful message may help Gayle and Mark to hear the Gospel opportunity in responding to the challenge of climate change.

A repeat appearance on a talk radio show, a marquee event at the University of Houston Law School and collaborations with the Conservative Caucus of the Citizens Climate Lobby rounded out the visit, making it clear that opportunities abound in Texas.

Bob Inglis
Executive Director - republicEn