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RepublicEn's EnCourage Tour is a 14-city series of events this fall. On the EnCourage Tour, republicEn.org and allies are barnstorming the country: To lead the way to free-enterprise climate solutions; To showcase #ecoRight ideas and momentum; To call upon American greatness; and To summon in our lawmakers the courage to work together to solve climate change.

EnCourage Utah

August 15: Congressman John Curtis (R-UT3) joins BYU professors/students on a climate discovery hike in Provo County

EnCourage South Carolina

August 28: Packed room of Citadel cadets hears about rock-solid, conservative, climate change solutions

EnCourage Northern Illinois

September 10: Over 150 Wheaton College evangelicals raise hands, stand with us on climate

EnCourage New York

October 18: SUNY Binghamton panel, experience shows solving climate could pave the way to healing our political polarization

September 13: Strong group of Young Americans for Freedom at University of Buffalo town hall keynote "aware that climate change is real"

EnCourage Western Michigan

September 24: Inglis challenges Grover Norquist tax pledge statement at Christian Reformed Church town hall co-hosted by Young Evangelicals for Climate Action

EnCourage Nebraska

September 26: Two "card-carrying Republicans" and a Libertarian say "yes' to climate action

EnCourage Texas

October 3: Young, smart and conservative, the coms director for the Harris County GOP participated at lunch and then followed up with an invitation to record a podcast

Encourage Tour Texas Tech

October 12: Blown over by 200 folks coming out on a Friday night for a presidential lecture series at Texas Tech University

Encourage Tour Florida

April 1: Due to the government shutdown in late 2018 this event has been rescheduled to April 2019

EnCourage Eastern Washington

October 30: WSU College Republican officer after our climate panel: "I didn't know that this existed—a conservative approach to climate change."

EnCourage Tour San Antonio

November 14: A politician and a pastor drive conversation about bringing America together with moral and market solutions

If you are with an organization that would like to partner with us at any of these stops reach out to us at price@republicen.org

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