College Station

College Station, TX. Everything is bigger in Texas, but the room we booked at Texas A&M was not big enough for the over-100 students who joined us for a town hall discussion of conservative climate leadership. Ten minutes before the event started, I thought we’d ordered too much pizza. Five minutes into the event, I was afraid we were going to run out!

Originally, we conceived the 2017 EnCourage Tour as covering 10 cities in 10 weeks. When Chris Casey—an Army veteran, Chairman of the Brazos County Young Republicans, Vice President of the Black Conservative Federation and Risk Management Director of the Texas Federation of College Republicans—reached out to us about coming to Texas A&M, we couldn’t help but reach for an 11th star.

He worked with a team comprised of Shelby Baker of the Brazos County Young Republicans; David Isenhour and Chase Rieger of the Texas A&M College Republicans; and Professor Mark Holtzapple to put together a fabulous event. Special thanks to the Brazos YRs for streaming the event on Facebook Live!

The best part of the College Station event was the conservative, petroleum engineers who were there—looking beyond the present, seeing paths to innovation and realizing that their future is more in energy than in any particular form of energy.

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Bob Inglis
Executive Director - republicEn

Relive the event in photos