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Wer basketball

Climate Week En Review, March 29, 2019

Friday Mar 29, 2019

 Happy Friday! I'm pleased to report Mercury is no longer in retrograde and baseball season has officially kicked off, but sadly my bracket is destroyed. No time to dwell, too much to report.
Lamar alexander

Sen. Alexander proposes Manhattan Project for clean energy

Tuesday Mar 26, 2019

 Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander, who has long advocated a sector-by-sector approach to climate change, is putting f...

Gaetz working on "Green Real Deal"

Monday Mar 25, 2019

 In an interview with Vice, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz
Romney graham

Romney assembling climate group

Monday Mar 25, 2019

 Senator Mitt Romney, who as governor of Massachusetts oversaw enactment of that state's initial climate change plan, is quietly assembling a small group of GOP senato...
Crocus snow

Climate Week En Review, March 22, 2019

Friday Mar 22, 2019

 Happy Friday. Our thoughts are with those in the midwest suffering the ravages of flooding.
 This week's must listen: From Alaska Public Radio's Liz Ruskin,
Cherry blossoms with snow

Curbelo and Hescox: climate change cannot be ignored

Thursday Mar 21, 2019

 In an opinion essay in the 
 Miami Herald, former Florida Rep. Carlos Curbelo a...
Alaska %28i think%29

Sen. Sullivan: natural gas is the answer

Wednesday Mar 20, 2019

 While we hear frequently from Alaska's 
 Senator Lisa Murkowski on the issue of climate change, junior Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan has climate thoughts too....
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Sen. Portman: we can and should reduce emissions

Monday Mar 18, 2019

 Senator Rob Portman joined the chorus of conservatives voices calling for action on climate change. "There are absolutely things we can do to reduce emissions. We s...
Et tu brute

Climate Week En Review, March 15, 2019

Friday Mar 15, 2019

 Beware of the Ides of March! After an overdosing cat, clogged kitchen sink, squirrels in the attack, and new roof scheduled for next week, I'm not sure what else can come my way while Mercury...
Four leaf clover

Wednesday EcoRight Wisdom

Wednesday Mar 13, 2019

 Happy Wednesday! We interrupt scheduled programming to bring you a few fun newsy items from the EcoRight.
 For your listening pleasure: "I was wrong before. Climate c...
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