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Climate Week En Review July 20, 2018

Friday Jul 20, 2018

 What a busy week! We just couldn't get away from carbon tax news, the ups and the downs. And that's a good thing; we are pro transparent debate. With that said, let's get right to it (and not...
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Carbon tax bill coming...

Thursday Jul 19, 2018

 Rep. Carlos Curbelo, known for his ardent push for climate action, including his co-founding of the House Climate Solutions Caucus, is introducing a carbon t...

House condemns carbon tax

Thursday Jul 19, 2018

 House of Representatives
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Carbon taxes: good for economy, effective at reducing carbon

Tuesday Jul 17, 2018

 Designed the right way, a carbon tax can reduce emissions faster without hurting the economy, according to

House to vote on anti-carbon tax resolution

Monday Jul 16, 2018

 On Thursday, the 
 House of Representatives will vote on an anti-carbon tax
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Climate Week En Review July 13, 2018

Friday Jul 13, 2018

 Happy Friday the 13th. If I could set up music to automatically play for you as you read, I would choose this

American attitudes on climate shifting

Wednesday Jul 11, 2018

More Americans believe that there is evidence of global warming than anytime since 2008, according to a rece...

Kavanaugh: climate change is real

Wednesday Jul 11, 2018

 Judge Brett Kavanaugh, nominated by President Donald Trump to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, wrote in 2013 that th...
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The Vatican Laudato Si Conference

Monday Jul 09, 2018

 On the third anniversary of his encyclical 
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Climate Week En Review July 6, 2018

Friday Jul 06, 2018

 Hot enough for you? This week's melting temperatures have us longing for faster climate change solution implementation in case this is the new norm. Because according to Rob Thompson, a meteo...
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