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Kasich tells NH voters we have to care for environment

Monday Oct 26, 2015

At a town-hall style meeting in Manchester, NH, Ohio Gov. John Kasich told Granite Staters "I do believe that man impacts [climate change]. I'm just not certain how much."

Graham: "Manmade emissions are hurting the environment"

Monday Oct 26, 2015

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham continues his call for support for climate action, telling NBC's Chuck Todd he believes "manmade emissions are hurting the environment."

Climate Week En Review: October 23

Friday Oct 23, 2015

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham posed a rhetorical question to town hall meeting participants in New Hampshire,

Bush travels west, outlines land management plan

Thursday Oct 22, 2015

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush took his campaign out west, where he said as president, he would move the headquarters of the Department of Interior (DOI), which is comprised of th...

Paul wants to put breaks on international climate deal

Thursday Oct 22, 2015

Presidential hopeful Sen. Rand Paul introduced a Sense of the Senate resolution this week that would require Senate approval any climate change accord struck at the United Natio...

Pataki loves birds, calls Roosevelt "my hero growing up"

Tuesday Oct 20, 2015

Former New York Gov. George Pataki, a self-described bird nerd, talked about his love of the outdoors and why President Theodore Roosevelt was an inspiration to him.

Fiorina tells Iowans "science is twisted"

Tuesday Oct 20, 2015

Carly Fiorina participated in a rural town hall meeting in Des Moines, Iowa, where she held a discussion with participants on policies that impact rural America."There's ...

Trump tweets on climate change

Tuesday Oct 20, 2015

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, who has dismissed the science of climate change, tweeted in response to the cold front sweeping the Northeast: "It's really cold outside, they are calling it...

Rubio releases energy plan

Tuesday Oct 20, 2015

On Friday, Florida Senator Marco Rubio unveiled his framework for the direction he'd take U.S. energy policy if elected president.Rubio would immediately approve construction of the Keyst...

Pataki calls on Republicans to embrace science

Monday Oct 19, 2015

 Former New York Gov. George Pataki explained his position on climate change, calling the impacts of greenhouse gas emissions something "the whole world, including Republicans, have to acknowl...
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