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Climate Week En Review January 22

Friday Jan 22, 2016

This week in climate change, NASA and NOAA announced 2015 was the world's hottest year on record just as Texas Sen. Ted Cruz blasted climate change science in a discussion with ...

Trump says he was joking in comment

Wednesday Jan 20, 2016

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump insists he was joking when he tweeted that climate change was a "hoax invented by the Chinese.""I think that climate change is just a very, very expensive for...

Cruz calls climate change "pseudo-scientific theory"

Wednesday Jan 20, 2016

 Speaking to voters in New Hampshire, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz blasted climate change science, saying the signs "don't back up it's warming."
 "Has anyone noticed in the ...

Climate Week(s) En Review January 15

Friday Jan 15, 2016

ClimateEye: Week En ReviewThese weeks in climate change: January 15Last weekend, speaking in a weekly radio podcast, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee claimed climate c...

Rubio wants US to lead on renewable energy

Wednesday Jan 13, 2016

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio told a crowd of potential voters in New Hampshire that he'd like to see the U.S. be a global leader in the production of renewable energy. "I want us to lead the ...

Huckabee blames climate activists for lack of Hurricane Katrina evacuations

Monday Jan 11, 2016

Speaking in a weekly radio podcast, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee claimed climate change activists were in part to blame for those New Orleans residents who did not evacuate before Hurr...

Climate Week(s) En Review January 8

Friday Jan 08, 2016

The last three weeks, while many of us took pause for the holidays, the presidential candidates continued to talk about climate change.In late December, Ohio Gov. John Kasich s...

Cruz would withdraw U.S. from climate accord

Thursday Dec 31, 2015

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, a self-professed climate change skeptic, said as president he would withdraw the United States from a landmark international agreement on climate change, agreed to by 195 na...

Trump on carbon footprint, hair spray

Thursday Dec 31, 2015

 Addressing a crowd in South Carolina, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump blasted President Barack Obama for the carbon footprint he leaves by traveling in Air Force One.
 "He talks about ...

Kasich is believer in renewables

Monday Dec 21, 2015

 Ohio Gov. John Kasich spoke to the Council on Foreign Relations, where he said he believes human beings contribute to climate change.
 "The degree to which? I'm not sure," he said. "An...
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