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Wa county commish

Candidate demands climate acknowledgement

Friday Jun 17, 2016

General Contractor Jeff Gallant is seeking a county commissioner seat in Jefferson County, WA as a Republican, but won't take the endorsement by local or state party officials u...
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Climate Week En Review June 17, 2016

Friday Jun 17, 2016

 This week in climate change, we reported on three current lawmakers and one former lawmaker committed to seeking conservation principles.
Maine square

Maine lawmakers cite economic need for climate action

Wednesday Jun 15, 2016

In the late Spring, Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) toured Black Acres Farm, a maple syrup production facility in Wilton, Maine owned and operated by State Rep. Russell Black
Pa state sen

Pennsylvania State Senator puts 'conserve' in conservative

Tuesday Jun 14, 2016

GOP State Senator Richard Alloway, who represents South Central Pennsylvania, professes to be a life-life environmentalist who since childhood has enjoyed hunting and fishing. "...
Florida mayor

Florida Mayor seeks climate action

Monday Jun 13, 2016

Coral Gables, Florida Mayor James Cason, swayed by modeling showing his city partially underwater in just a few decades, says he spends as much time thinking about climate chang...

Former Bush EPA chief speaks out

Monday Jun 13, 2016

Former New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman, who served as Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under President George W. Bush, expressed concerns over th...
Carbon tax vote

House votes on non-binding carbon tax measure

Friday Jun 10, 2016

The U.S. House of Representatives voted on a non-binding resolution against a carbon tax, approved by a mostly party line vote of 237 to 163 with one member from each party voting present. The r...
Mayor faulconer

Pro-climate GOP mayor re-elected in San Diego

Friday Jun 10, 2016

Republican San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer won a second term in office this week, securing enough votes to avoid a runoff in November. Faulconer ran on a record of being "fiscal...
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Climate Week En Review June 10, 2016

Friday Jun 10, 2016

We're back!This week in climate change news, republicEn.org rolled out the long-awaited, newly expanded ClimateEye. Beyond covering the news created by GOP presidential candidates, we now...
Trump 2009 letter

Trump signed pro-climate action letter in 2009

Thursday Jun 09, 2016

In 2009, presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump and his three adult children joined dozens of other business leaders in signing a letter to President Barack Obama and...
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