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Monday motivation: GOP heavy hitters pen op-eds

Monday Mar 11, 2019

 Happy Monday! Two op-eds in prominent papers from vocal conservatives in the climate fight have the EcoRight starting off the week smiling ear to ear.
 In the Washington Post, the 
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Climate Week En Review, March 8, 2019

Friday Mar 08, 2019

 Happy Friday from me and the squirrel caught in a trap on my roof. She's moving from her cozy home in my attic to the Eastern Shore today, but in the meantime, the steady thumping of her tryi...

Wednesday must read: College Republicans Want Their Party to Confront Climate Change

Wednesday Mar 06, 2019

 RepublicEn.org spokesperson 
 Kiera O'Brien—who hails from Ketchikan, Alaska (hello, Senator Lisa Murkowski) and who as the president of the Harvard...
Buddy carter

Former disputer calls for action

Tuesday Mar 05, 2019

 Georgia's Rep. Buddy Carter, recently appointed to the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis by Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy,
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Conservatives launch Roosevelt Conservation Caucus

Tuesday Mar 05, 2019

 In a bicameral effort to meet the Green New Deal, Republicans on both sides of Capitol Hill 

Murkowski: In Alaska "we have no choice"

Tuesday Mar 05, 2019

 Senator Lisa Murkowski, chair of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee,
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Climate Week En Review, March 1, 2019

Friday Mar 01, 2019

 Happy March! Now that the shortest, most brutal month is out of the way, let the crocuses begin their bloom.
 Legacy: We are so happy for one of our newest Spokespe...

Graves to lead special climate committee

Thursday Feb 28, 2019

 Rep. Garret Graves

Kasich: "You can't just be a science denier"

Tuesday Feb 26, 2019

 Former Ohio Governor John Kasich thinks its time for Republicans to stop being the party of climate change denial and to start formulating policy solutions, according to a sp...
White house

Monday climate jesters

Monday Feb 25, 2019

 We hate to start the week off on a bad note, but some things just can't be helped. This week's early favorite for co-climate jesters are:
 Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy
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