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Cruz jester

Climate Jester: climate change is "pseudoscientific"

Tuesday Oct 23, 2018

 Speaking at a Texas Oil and Gas Association energy forum, perennial climate hoaxer Sen. Ted Cruz

NASA chief stands by IPCC report

Monday Oct 22, 2018

 NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said he has "no reason to dismiss" the most recent International Panel on Climate Change report. "NASA is on...
Cwer elk

Climate Week En Review, October 19, 2018

Friday Oct 19, 2018

 Happy Friday! My cat just looked me in the eye and pushed a full glass of water to the floor, but the Red Sox are going to the World Series, so there is balance in my life. On to the real new...
American flags

California mayor: climate change "political hot potato"

Thursday Oct 18, 2018

 "As a proud Republican, I believe that taking a strong, decisive approach to tackling climate change is consistent with my conservative background. Preserving what we have so that we can pass...
Rooney original

Florida congressmen cite urgency

Wednesday Oct 17, 2018

 Delegation mates 
 Rep. Carlos Curbel...

Flake calls IPCC report "pretty dire"

Monday Oct 15, 2018

 Appearing on the ABC Sunday show 
Rubio trump jesters

Two jesters in the climate deck

Monday Oct 15, 2018

Starting the week off with a bang.
 President Donald Trump, appearing on 60 Minutes on Sunday and addressing the IPCC's dire climate change report, acknowledged "somethi...
Cwer 0003 stormy

Climate Week En Review, October 12, 2018

Friday Oct 12, 2018

 Our thoughts are with all those who bore the ire of Hurricane Michael. This week, as the monster storm walloped the Florida panhandle and the Carolinas, three big announcements raised the cli...
Desert 2

Three Thursday Things

Thursday Oct 11, 2018

 As Hurricane Michael heads toward the Carolinas after walloping the Florida panhandle, three big announcements raise the urgency level to code red for the need for climate action and highligh...
Peter byrn

Opinion: We're already paying a price on carbon

Tuesday Oct 09, 2018

 Friend of republicEn.org 
 Peter Bryn poses t...
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