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Climate Week En Review, August 30, 2019

Friday Aug 30, 2019

 What are your plans for Labor Day weekend? I'm planning on yard work, reading, and the pool. A stress fracture kicked "run 16 miles" off the to do list. Can you tell I'm broken up about it? A...
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Member Spotlight: Stephen's letter to Rep. Loudermilk

Tuesday Aug 27, 2019

 Sometimes our republicEn members take actions that are so outstanding, we've got to share it with the community.
 Earlier this month, republic...
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Romney: we must "dramatically reduce our emissions"

Monday Aug 26, 2019

 In this week' s must listen, Utah 
 Senator Mitt Romney, who recently has left the door open to supporting a carbon tax, talked to KCPW radio host Roger McDonough

Climate Week En Review, August 23, 2019

Friday Aug 23, 2019

 Happy Friday! Unrelated to the topic at hand is that today is the 30th anniversary of the 
 Baltic Way, a peaceful prot...
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EcoRight Speaks: Interview with Jacob Abel

Thursday Aug 22, 2019

 The #EcoRight speaks up! In this series, we profile republicEn members across the country: conservatives, libertarians, and independent thinkers who recognize the seriousness of climate c...

Romney lauds carbon tax

Tuesday Aug 20, 2019

 Senator Mitt Romney, who earlier this year indicated he was assembling a group of GOP Senators interested in working on climate change solutions,
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Climate Week En Review, August 16, 2019

Thursday Aug 15, 2019

 Am I the only one in the EcoRight not on vacation this week? Even my kids are out of town, sailing, lounging on the beach, while I have searched the ends of the internet for relevant news to ...

Climate Week En Review, August 9, 2019

Thursday Aug 08, 2019

 Everything feels heavy this week. Hug your loved ones. Spend time outside. Take time for you. 💗Keep the faith.
 This week's must read: EcoRight ally Josiah Ne...
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VIDEO: The Rooney carbon tax bill

Monday Aug 05, 2019

 In late July, Republican 
 Rep. Francis Rooney of Florida introduced his much anticipated carbon tax bill, the Stemming Warming and Augmenting Pay Act — or

Starting your week off with a bang...

Monday Aug 05, 2019

 What a way to kick off an already hot week. First there was our Ohio-based spokesperson 
 Tyler Gillette's op-ed in the Columbus Dispatch. In his thought piece
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