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41 College Republican groups sign environment letter

Tuesday Jan 22, 2019

 Led by the 
 American Conservation Coalition (ACC), a millennial-founded and driven group which empowers conservatives to re-engage on envi...
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Climate Week En Review, January 18, 2019

Friday Jan 18, 2019

 Happy Friday from the land of snow, ice, freezing rain, and wild temperature variability. We aren't going to complain about winter weather in winter, though more than just the random glimpse ...
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Former fed leaders, top economists rally around carbon tax

Thursday Jan 17, 2019

 Forty-five economists, including former Federal Reserve chairman 
 Alan Greenspan, signed a
Brad little

Idaho's new governor calls for climate action

Thursday Jan 17, 2019

 Governor Brad Little, elected to serve the State of Idaho in November, s...
Ron desantis

Florida governor's sweeping environmental plan

Thursday Jan 17, 2019

 Florida's newly elected Gov. Ron DeSantis announced plans to open a resiliency office as part of a sweeping environmental roll-out that includes an extra $1 billion for Everg...
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Rooney snags caucus co-chairmanship

Monday Jan 14, 2019

 Rep. Francis Rooney will serve as Republican co-chair of the House Climate Solutions Caucus, replacing former delegation mate Rep. Carlos ...
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Climate Week En Review, January 11, 2019

Friday Jan 11, 2019

 Another week, another opportunity to share with you the goings on of the EcoRight. The first full work week of 2019, we have settled back into the groove, and I'm happy to share with you this...
Ryan costello

Ryan Costello jumps into carbon arena

Wednesday Jan 09, 2019

 Recently retired Pennsylvania 
 Rep. Ryan Costello announced this week that he's joining Americans for Carbon Dividends, ...
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An interview with Katharine Hayhoe

Monday Jan 07, 2019

 In an 
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Climate Week En Review, January 4, 2019

Friday Jan 04, 2019

 Welcome to 2019! The EcoRight has high hopes for the year ahead. Here's why:
 Mayor Jim Brainard leads the practical climate fight from Carmel, Indiana and has his ...
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