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House GOP roles out climate plan

Tuesday Dec 10, 2019

The Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee unveiled a package of 12 bipartisan bills
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San Diego Mayor Faulconer takes lead

Tuesday Dec 10, 2019

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer has joined a new group of mayors focused on climate action. "Just as we are seeing the effects of climate change, we are also seeing cities rise ...
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Climate Week En Review, December 6, 2019

Friday Dec 06, 2019

 And like that, it's December, the month of my birthday, which happens to be a *big* one this year. But there is plenty of time for talk of that later. Were you a 
 Chris Coon...

GOP voters increasingly concerned over climate action

Tuesday Nov 26, 2019

 Two-thirds of Americans don't think the Administration is doing enough on climate, 

Portman introduces recycling bill

Monday Nov 25, 2019

 Ohio Senator Rob Portman reached across the aisle to introduce with Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow the RECYCLE Act of 2019, which would help educate consum...
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Climate Week En Review, November 22, 2019

Friday Nov 22, 2019

 Happy Friday! Thanks for all the good wishes for the marathon. The results: due to poor race management, a bunch of us were redirected off course and yada yada yada, I only got 17 miles in be...
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Monday morning quarterbacking, I mean, reading

Monday Nov 18, 2019

Happy Monday! Well, not so happy here... due to poor Las Vegas marathon course management, a bunch of us were redirected off course and yada yada yada, I only got 17 miles in before crossing the...

Climate Week En Review, November 15, 2019

Friday Nov 15, 2019

 Happy Friday from Las Vegas! (Actually, at the time you're getting this, I'm probably somewhere over middle America, en route to Vegas.) I'm currently accepting all good wishes, prayers, and ...

Senate caucus adds Rubio

Wednesday Nov 13, 2019

 According to a scoop from the Washington Examiner, Florida
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Climate Week En Review, November 8, 2019

Friday Nov 08, 2019

 Hello, weekend enthusiasts! What's on your to do list? I'm attending a rain barrel workshop (part of my walking the talk efforts) and then have timed entry tickets (finally) for the National ...
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