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The Terminator promises: "I'll be back"

Tuesday Dec 04, 2018

 California's outspoken former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke at the United Nations climate conference in Poland yesterday, assuring delegates "America is more than just...

A quiet climate legacy: President George H.W. Bush

Monday Dec 03, 2018

 Not many automatically ass...
Murkowski portman

Murkowski, Portman, Corker comment on climate report

Monday Dec 03, 2018

 Three key conservative Senators commented on the Fourth National Climate Assessment.
 "Climate change is real," Alaska's 
 Senator Lisa Murkowski
Upside snowman

Climate Week En Review November 30, 2019

Thursday Nov 29, 2018

 Oh what a week… were you too busy shopping and eating leftovers to notice the Fourth National Cli...
Rooney fitzpatrick

Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend bill introduced

Tuesday Nov 27, 2018

 A bipartisan group of House Climate Solutions Caucus members, led by 
 Reps Francis Rooney and Brian Fitzpatrick and including caucus co-founder Ted...

More response to climate report aka Twitter wars

Tuesday Nov 27, 2018

As Washington DC settled back into routine, more policymakers responded to the Administration's Four...

Bipartisan carbon tax bill imminent

Monday Nov 26, 2018

 In the lame-duck session, a bipartisan carbon tax will be
Desert 2

Reactions: National Climate Assessment

Monday Nov 26, 2018

 On the Friday after Thanksgiving, the U.S. Global Change Research Program released the
 Fourth ...
Week en review 2

Climate Week En Review: Thanksgiving edition

Wednesday Nov 21, 2018

 Finally, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, the best holiday of the year. I'll keep it short so you can get on with your drive and/or kitchen prep.
 This week's must watch: ...

Curbelo defends climate position

Monday Nov 19, 2018

 Rep.Carlos Curbelo, who distinguished himself as a leader in the GOP on climate change, rejected criticism from Americans for Tax Reform's Grover Norquis...
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