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Wer pool float

Climate Week En Review July 6, 2018

Friday Jul 06, 2018

 Hot enough for you? This week's melting temperatures have us longing for faster climate change solution implementation in case this is the new norm. Because according to Rob Thompson, a meteo...
Chris cropped

Meet the EcoRight: Chris Casey

Thursday Jul 05, 2018


Pre-Fourth Fireworks

Tuesday Jul 03, 2018

 Before you embark upon your 
 Independence Day (week?) festivities, take a moment to catch up with these must reads.
 First, straight talk from the 
Wer sprinkler boy

Climate Week En Review June 29, 2018

Friday Jun 29, 2018

 Bonjour! Oh wait, that was last week. Re-entry was hard but the EcoRight kept me busy, if not a little misty-eyed this week.
 This week's must read: Two newspapers ...

Climate jesters (yes, plural)

Thursday Jun 28, 2018

 This week's climate jester designation goes to a slate of House of Representatives candidates in Tennessee trying to out hoaxter each other ...
Jsm ad

#tbt Senator John McCain campaigned on climate record

Thursday Jun 28, 2018

 Senator John McCain earned the...

House Climate Caucus adds two more

Tuesday Jun 26, 2018

 The ever-growing 
Frenchwine cwer

Climate Week En Review June 24, 2018

Sunday Jun 24, 2018

 Bonjour! I have reluctantly returned from France, where I was surprised to hear climate change come up at several of the Bordeaux wineries I toured. Late spring frost, intense summer h...
Wave crashing 2

Climate Jester: Challenging funding for global warming education program

Saturday Jun 23, 2018

By Sam RessinNBC News reported Thursday that four members o...
Hcsc bergman

House Climate Solutions Caucus Spotlight: Rep. Jack Bergman

Thursday Jun 21, 2018

 Over the next few months, we will feature profiles on select members of the House Climate Solutions Caucus, the bipartisan, growing gang of Congressional leaders who embrace climate actio...
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