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Wer turbine solar panel

Climate Week En Review, May 3, 2019

Friday May 03, 2019

 We are only entering May and I had to turn the AC on for the first time last night. Wake me up when it's October. #wintergirl
 This week's must read:
Louisiana changing coast

Sen. Cassidy: Louisiana is "very awakened" to climate crisis

Thursday May 02, 2019

 For the first time, a Republican joined Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse for his regular climate change floor speech series, "Time to Wake Up."
Image5 cropped

Why Rooney Leads: republicEn takes a climate field trip to Keewaydin Island

Wednesday May 01, 2019

 In early...
Matt gaetz

Just another Manic Monday (what we're reading)

Monday Apr 29, 2019

 Bleary eyed from the late and emotional punch from Game of Thrones? (I'm not crying, you're crying...) What better way to get back to reality than to check out what non-GOT news the EcoRight ...
Cwer flower

Climate Week En Review, April 26, 2019

Friday Apr 26, 2019

 Happy belated Earth Day! We hope you took our popular 🌎
 EcoRight Superhero Quiz 🌎Be sure to share who...

Caucus to decide parameters

Thursday Apr 25, 2019

 Rep. Francis Rooney, who assumed the GOP side of the helm of the bipartisan House Climate Solutions Caucus, told Bloomberg Environment (as reported by
Earth day

Twitter fun on Earth Day

Tuesday Apr 23, 2019

 I know, Twitter and fun in the same sentence is an oxymoron. But there were some posts that made us proud and others that made us laugh.
 Former Ohio 
 Governor John Kasich...
The earth

Earth Day reads

Monday Apr 22, 2019

 Happy Earth Day! We hope you took our 
 EcoRight Superhero Quiz (be sure to share who you got) and tha...
Wer rabbitdriver

Climate Week En Review April 19, 2019

Friday Apr 19, 2019

 There might have been some other big news on your radar this week (don't spoil Game of Thrones for me, please) but never underestimate the EcoRight's presence and determination to do good. Bu...
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