Athens, GA. When the key media interview of the day is with a student publication called The Arch Conservative, you know you’re in the right place. And so I was with a great visit to the University of Georgia. The interview with The Arch Conservative, a student radio interview, an interview with the Political Review and some informal meetings preceded a guest lecture with about 70 UGA students, faculty and townsfolk.

The Athens stop also showed the tremendous value of our friends at Citizens Climate Lobby. CCL volunteer, Mark Farmer, a cellular biologist at UGA, orchestrated the whole day for us, demonstrating for the thousandth time the centrality of CCL in the climate cause. Passionate, persistent and pleasant, CCL volunteers are the most helpful partners we have out on the hustings. Some would add another “p” for “progressive,” and, yes, CCL knows that most of their members self-identify as progressives. Even though we’re conservatives reaching conservatives at, we’re incredibly grateful for our CCL friends who fully embrace what free enterprise could do through a revenue-neutral, border-adjustable carbon tax. We’re glad to partner with them to grow their right wing. With CCL multiplying faster than any group doing climate work (oh, that we could match them), we really can bring America together to solve climate change.

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Bob Inglis
Executive Director - republicEn

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