Climate ENcounters: Kasich and Inhofe

Wednesday Mar 30, 2016

Today, ClimateEye turns a creative mind toward the recent endorsement of Ohio Gov. John Kasich by famed climate change denier, Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe. Did the issue of climate ch...

Climate ENcounters: Cruz and Bush

Tuesday Mar 29, 2016

As you figured out about us when we imagined a private Donald Trump-Chris Christie conversation about climate change, our ability to get creative is unhindered by our lack of access to to...

Climate ENcounters: Trump and Christie

Monday Mar 28, 2016

The politics and elections nerds at ClimateEye can spend hours combing through meeting transcripts and candidate stump speeches, but the desired super power is to be a fly on the wall during the...

Millennials And A New Conservatism

Wednesday Mar 16, 2016

By Bob InglisConservatism has been hijacked onto a dead-end demographic street. The problem is that there are lots of funerals on such streets. Telling the world who we don't lik...

Featured republicEn: Shay Khatiri

Monday Mar 14, 2016

Analyzing Climate Questions

Friday Mar 11, 2016

After immense social media pressure and public calls from local elected officials, last Thursday, CNN debate moderators posed a question on climate change, an issue that has been noticeably a...

Dear CNN: please ask climate question

Wednesday Mar 09, 2016

Dear CNN Debate Moderators:The GOP race for the nomination is down to the final four. Avid viewers and November voters tuning in on Thursday can only hope that a smaller field of candidat...

And then there were six...

Wednesday Feb 17, 2016

At the high point of the campaign over the summer, 17 candidates sought the Republican nomination for the presidency. With 265 days until the general election, that number now sits at six.

Voting climate in New Hampshire

Tuesday Feb 09, 2016

As you read this post, voters in New Hampshire have already started heading to the polls to cast their support for the next president of the United States. New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation pr...
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