Statement from Bob Inglis on President Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord

about 2 years ago

Statement from Executive Director Bob Inglis on President Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord

"Donald Trump is choosing to become the worldwide face of climate hoaxerism. When he leaves office, he's going to take that climate hoaxerism with him. He's isolated himself in a small encampment at the fringe of civilization—in the company of only Syria and Nicaragua. When America finds its way back to leading the world, this embarrassing episode will be forgotten.

"At, we're excited about the renaissance that the repudiation of Trump will bring. As the disappointed come to see populist nationalism for the snake oil it is, we expect a rebirth of conservatism. The foundational principle of accountability will guide us to a simple 'pricing in' of the hidden costs of burning fossil fuels, and free enterprise will rise to solve the problem of climate change.

"The Paris agreement established a will but not a way to reduce emissions. America can show the way by leading the world to a transparent pricing of carbon dioxide. We could start with a simple carbon tax paired with a dollar-for-dollar cut in existing taxes or a dividend of all of that revenue back to citizens—so there's no growth of government. Next, that tax could be applied to imports coming from countries that don't tax carbon dioxide. China might challenge that border adjustment in the World Trade Organization, but they'd likely lose. After losing, it would be in their interest and every other nation's interest to follow our lead in establishing the same price on carbon dioxide in their own countries. With the whole world in on a 'truer' costing of energy, new forms of energy would become economically viable without the need for subsidies. On that level playing field, free enterprise would deliver innovation to meet consumer demand. We'd have more energy, more mobility and more freedom—and cleaner air.

"If President Trump had chosen to do so, we think that he could have explained this policy even at one of his rallies. We even wrote a speech for him here. We're disappointed that he didn't use it."

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