Our "En-fluentials" - volume one

over 2 years ago

We are proud of our friends on the ecoright. Whether these "en-fluenials" are just starting off their careers or have dedicated decades to the effort, in their own ways they are making advances on clean energy and free enterprise solutions to climate change.

And we want you to highlight their good work to other members of the community.

Pat Wood is a former chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission during President George W. Bush's Administration. Since leaving public service, Pat has worked doggedly from his home state of Texas to develop energy infrastructure and facilitate the opening of energy markets to competition. Part of his efforts have led to Texas's position as a top wind-producing state in the country. "When you open up the market and get middlemen out of the way," Wood said to ClimateEye editor Chelsea Henderson. "People get to vote with their dollars."

Nan Hayworth is a former Member of Congress from New York. Nan is pragmatically passionate about the environment and serves on the board of ConservAmerica. Our Director of Strategy and Operations Alex Bozmoski met her in Cleveland and the two immediately bonded over love for Teddy Roosevelt. About climate change, she said: "I passionately believe it is our responsibility to collectively work to minimize our carbon footprint. That's how we are going to make a difference. We really have to focus on conserving the resources we have."

Vernon Lindo hails from Florida and recently started his freshman year of college at High Point University, where he studies Economics and Political Science. He has volunteered on numerous campaigns, penned this most excellent (if we do say so ourselves) op-ed on the carbon tax and is voting in his first election this fall. "By embracing more green environmental policies, conservatives can build ranks of younger supporters," Vernon said. "Let's be real. Climate change is a threat, and green policies can be good for the economy and achieve other conservative goals."

Gabriel Gomez is a retired Navy SEAL who lives in the great state of Massachusetts and ran for the U.S. Senate against Sen. Ed Markey for the spot vacated by then Sen. John Kerry in 2013. Our fearless Executive Director Bob Inglis met Gabriel in Boston and they immediately bonded over a shared vision for conservative support for climate change solutions. Gabriel later told Chelsea: "I think we should help businesses move in a direction to adopt solar, wind, any kind of renewable energy, which lessens our dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oils. Fundamentally, I want to make sure we pass on to the next generation a cleaner and better planet than the one we inherited from the generations before us."

It doesn't matter your age, experience or background. If you are working to advance free enterprise solutions to climate change and want to share your story, contact us. We'd be happy to hear more about what you're doing and share your work with the ecoright community.