Climate ENcounters: Cruz and Graham

over 3 years ago

Once upon a time, seventeen Republican candidates were duking it out for the privilege to serve as the party's nominee for the presidency. Over the last several months, that number has constricted down to three. And with each withdrawal from the race comes a dash from those remaining to get the endorsement of the candidate who just departed.

(The process reminds us a little bit of reality TV dating shows, not that ClimateEye ever watches such ridiculous fare.)

Recently, outspoken South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, who dominated in every undercard debate but failed to ever make the primetime debate stage, bestowed his endorsement upon Texas Sen. Ted Cruz based upon the fact that "he's not Donald Trump."

Really, how did one outspoken senator come to endorse the other and what on Earth did they talk about on that phone call? We can only ENvision how this conversation went down. (Again, the disclaimer: ClimateEye did not have a secret microphone recording the exchange, but we do have an index of climate quotes from both guys.)

Graham: "The best way for a Republican to fight on this issue is the solution, not argue with the science. I think the science is sound."

Cruz: "Climate change is not science. It's religion."

Graham: "The solution is what I would argue about, not the science."

Cruz: "The problem with this debate is it is driven principally by people with partisan agendas in Washington that are disconnected with the science and the data."

Graham: "I know I'm not a scientist... but here's the problem I've got with some people in [our] party... when you ask the scientists what's going on, why don't you believe them?"

Cruz: "They're cooking the books. They're actually adjusting the numbers."

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