Climate ENcounters: Cruz and Bush

over 3 years ago

As you figured out about us when we imagined a private Donald Trump-Chris Christie conversation about climate change, our ability to get creative is unhindered by our lack of access to top-level conversations.

Just imagine Texas Sen. Ted Cruz wooing the one-time presumed frontrunner and former Florida governor Jeb Bush for his endorsement.

Again, the disclaimer: ClimateEye did not have a secret microphone recording the exchange, but we do have an index of climate quotes from both guys. We imagine the Cruz-Bush climate conversation went a little bit like this:

Bush: "The climate change debate needs to be focused on science, real science."

Cruz: "Climate change is the perfect pseudo-scientific theory because it can never ever ever be disproven. If it gets hotter or older, wetter or dryer, the climate has always changed since the beginning of time and it will continue to change until the end of time."

Bush: "I think conservatives lose ground when we don't embrace technology and science. Why wouldn't we want to embrace the things that enhance our lives?"

Cruz: "I understand there are scientists with political agendas… They don't get to own the data and evidence."

Bush: "The climate's changing, okay... We can solve our climate problems over the long haul and just be prepared for them by growing our economy to [a] far, faster rate and that should be the priority of the next president."

Cruz: "There has been no significant global warming in the past 18 years… I be­lieve that pub­lic policy should fol­low the ac­tu­al sci­ence and the ac­tu­al data and evid­ence, and not polit­ic­al and par­tis­an claims that run con­trary to the sci­ence and data and ana­lys­is."

We presume their viewpoints overlapped on other key national and international issues.

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