In Iowa, #dare2ask climate crusader Kelsi approaches Gov. Christie

over 3 years ago

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie hosted a town hall meeting over the weekend at Brick City Grill, in Ames, Iowa. I noticed for the first time that there was a wide variety of age in supporters, not to mention the size of the crowd. There were so many people in the restaurant that you could barely move.

I started out my conversation with Gov. Christie by expressing how important his support of renewables is and why it makes him, as a GOP candidate appealing to so many young people. I followed by asking, "How do you respond to an attack from Rubio, someone who is also a GOP candidate, when they attack you from something that is so important as a GOP candidate, especially when a lot of them don't?"

"You speak your mind and you make the case for it," Christie said. "Based on the facts, and you don't worry about…him attacking you. But the fact is, you can't worry about those things, because no matter what in this country, you're always going to be attacked when you provide leadership. There will always be some people who will disagree with you. You go with what you believe is right, in your head and in your heart, and you move your relationships forward."

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