In Iowa, #dare2ask climate crusader Kelsi talks to Fiorina

almost 4 years ago

This week, hours before the State of the Union address happened in the nation's Capitol, I spoke with GOP candidate Carly Fiorina in our state capital Des Moines at a welcome back party to celebrate the beginning of Iowa's new legislative session. While the crowd was comprised mostly of state senators and representatives, I was able to speak with Carly about her plan for addressing climate change.

Her first priority is to rein in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which she said, "is doing more damage than good and is a burden on America's growth." I was a little taken back by her aggressive approach when the agency is responsible for protecting our clean water (important in an agricultural state like Iowa) and has a role in the reduction of air pollution and greenhouse gases.

But then she gave an emphatic "absolutely, yes!" when asked if she believes that free enterprise can solve climate change. She also mentioned that she supports renewable energy programs and free market solutions, along with innovation, to tackle climate threats.

I was truly thrilled to get the chance to #dare2ask Carly Fiorina about climate change. Next up: Gov. Chris Christie.