In Iowa, #dare2ask climate crusader Kelsi continues to follow Rubio

almost 4 years ago

In early December, I went to see Florida. Sen. Marco Rubio at Iowa State University for a meet-and-greet session. The event was held at the Memorial Union, where the room was filled with students, alumni, and community members.

Rubio spent most of the time talking about the economy and the industrial revolution saying, "we have government policies that are completely outdated… We have energy policies from the 1970s."

I had something on my mind to ask him, but very few questions were taken and unfortunately I didn't get the chance. The good news is someone else dared to ask a question about solar energy. Rubio responded by saying that his energy plan would "allow every business to immediately expense their investment, opposed to some industries that are disadvantaged for alternative fuel sources, and by immediately being able to deduct any investment they make and put some of that money into other sources."

I am headed next week to a town hall meeting with Gov. Chris Christie, where I will dare to ask him a follow up question to our earlier discussions about climate change and the free enterprise solutions he supports. Stay tuned and if you encounter a presidential candidate, dare to ask if he or she thinks free enterprise can solve climate change. And if they say yes, get the details!