In Iowa, #dare2ask climate crusader Kelsi approaches Gov. Kasich

almost 4 years ago

By Kelsi Wolever

I went to see Ohio Gov. John Kasich at Iowa State University on Monday, November 31st, during a town-hall meeting. Before Kasich arrived, I mingled with the crowd, where I found a broad array of political affiliations represented. He certainly entices such a broad range of views.

Several students were poised to ask questions, however mine was quite simple: can free enterprise solve climate change?

Kasich responded, "Oh, I think that there are technologies that are coming down the road that are going to be very effective, including batteries, when we get that in place…. I think that battery technology, solar, wind, all these alternatives; they're good, we need to work on all of them."

I was thrilled with his answer and am excited to seek out the opportunity to speak with him more in more detail about his plan as president to promote free enterprise solutions to climate change. Whether you live in Iowa, New Hampshire or elsewhere, I hope you will join me and #dare2ask this vital climate question to the candidates.