In Iowa, #dare2ask climate crusader Kelsi approaches Rubio, Cruz, Christie and Jindal

about 4 years ago

A little over a week ago, I headed out to the Growth and Opportunity Party, an event in Des Moines, Iowa that was sure to play host to multiple Republican presidential candidates. I was on a mission to ask as many of the candidates as I could a simple, or maybe not so simple question: can free enterprise solve climate change?

I am still fascinated by their varied responses.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who seemed hesitant to answer, replied, "That's a difficult question because…it assumes that climate change is a problem to be solved." He went on to say that climate change is a bogus theory.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie blew me away with an enthusiastic "Yes!" to free enterprise. He proudly announced what the state of New Jersey is doing currently in the field of nuclear and renewable energy.

Quite surprising, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul did not dare to answer my free enterprise question and quickly ran off.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, whom I call the middle-ground guru, because he not only consistently, but also passionately believes that you can have "a strong economy, affordable energy, and a clean environment. They're not mutually exclusive," he told me.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio went around my question by saying, "We need to have energy policies that are good for our economy, but not big government mandates." He continued by saying America is one on the cleanest countries in the world and that U.S. innovators should continue making our country more efficient.

Next up: I plan to hit the Family Leader Foundation's Presidential Family Forum, in Des Moines, where I hope to expand on my conservations with Christie and Jindal, as well as see which other candidates dare to answer this fundamental question.