Featured republicEn: Paul Skinner

about 4 years ago

One of our favorite things to talk about at RepublicEn is the wonderful work of the members of our community. This is the profile is the first of many features highlighting the efforts of our community members to find free market solutions to climate change.

Paul Skinner has been a long time friend and original member of the RepublicEn community. He is the VP of Business Development for IPS, an e-waste recycling company, and is a national committeeman for the Young Republican National Committee. Through his work, Paul not only works to keep toxic substances in e-waste out of the environment, but also to create incentives for recycling by reselling valuable materials from recycled waste. Paul's work is one of the things that originally got him interested in caring for the environment. Currently e-waste, such as CRT glass from smartphones and computers, are burnt in the open air, releasing toxic chemicals such as mercury into the air and making people sick. Through his work, Paul has seen how important it is to use the free market to protect the environment.

Paul is a conservative because he likes enterprise, free markets, and small government. He sees the future of the conservative movement in young people and is worried if the conversation can't change enough to attract millennials, the conservative movement will have a difficult future. When we asked Paul about the future of the country, he told us he saw this moment as a period of reflection and that 2016 will bring America's best times.

Paul also answered some quick questions about his favorite things.

Who is your favorite president?


Who is your personal hero?


Can you tell us any items on your bucket list?

Stand on top of pyramid and climb Mt. Everest

Name three people (living or dead) you would invite to a dinner party?

John Adams

William Wilberforce

William the Fifth

A big thank you to Paul for taking the time to chat with us about his ideas and his great work. Have some great thoughts on free market solutions to climate change? Are you doing incredible work to push for cleaner air and free enterprise? Want to be a featured RepublicEn? Email us at rebecca@republicen.org.