A subject worth debating

about 4 years ago

Tonight, the top polling eleven candidates for the Republican nomination for the presidency will take center stage at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi, California, to resume debate on the hot topics of the day.

The specter of President Reagan looming over the dais, this football team's equivalent of aspiring White House residents will answer questions posed to them by a team of moderators or spend their rebuttal time clarifying answers to and/or elaborating on previous questions. Let's hope that in this second presidential debate, the issue of climate change isn't relegated to discussion at the kids' table.

After all, during his presidency, Reagan was deeply concerned about the ozone and teamed up with British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to push for the Montreal Protocol, the most successful global treaty on the environment to date. In a recent Politico interview, the President's son, Ronald Reagan Jr. said "I also think he would have been much better [than the field of candidates] on climate change."

The first debate saw record high viewership. 24 million Americans tuned in to watch Trump, Kasich, Cruz, and seven others debate national security, immigration and the economy. But the only mention made of climate change came in the earlier debate for the lower polling candidates. With so many voters tuned in to the 2016 race for the White House, it would be a shame for this issue to go unmentioned yet again during the three hours of prime time coverage.

The question that should be posed tonight: can free enterprise solve climate change? And if it does, as the candidates rush to invoke the image and memory of Reagan, it would behoove them to remember the free market policies he embraced and take a page out of his playbook.