IPI Panel: "What Should the U.S. Do About Climate Change?" (September 25 in Dallas, TX)

about 4 years ago

Our executive director Bob Inglis will serve as a panelist on The Institute for Policy Innovation's upcoming panel in Dallas "What Should the U.S. Do About Climate Change?" The free and open event is scheduled for 2:00 pm (CST) on Friday, September 25th at the Belo Mansion & Pavilion.

Panelists will discuss the range of policy options available to the U.S., and the merits of each. Should we adopt a carbon tax or other tax incentives? Should we invest in green technologies? Would the benefits of such expenditures justify the costs? And what about the important role of innovation?

Dr. Benjamin Zycher (Resident Scholar, American Enterprise Institute)
Robert Bryce (Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute)
Bob Inglis (Executive Director, republicEn.org)

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