ICYMI: Wall Street Journal letter to the editor by Bob Inglis

over 4 years ago

A recent Wall Street Journal op-ed by Oren Cass states his opposition to a revenue-neutral carbon tax, questioning whether it would really be revenue neutral. Our executive director Bob Inglis responded with a letter to the editor, published in the WSJ on May 10, 2015.

See Bob's LTE below...

Environmental tax reform would allow us to repeal redundant proxies for a carbon price, like clean-energy subsidies and the EPA's Clean Power Plan. A well-designed carbon tax shrinks government.
Today, we have a price on carbon imposed in the most inefficient way possible: through command-and-control regulation from the EPA, lethargic permitting programs for fossil-fuel extraction and infrastructure, and abundant and wasteful subsidy programs for renewable power. There's a better way forward. We're capable of enacting good policy in America, and it's good policy to untax income and tax pollution.
Bob Inglis
Energy & Enterprise Initiative
Fairfax, VA