ICYMI: You know you've made it when...

about 4 years ago

...and no it's not when you've won a Profile In Courage Award. But how about when you're the answer of a trivia question!

The Boston Globe's weekly "News quiz for kids" trivia section included a question and answer about our executive director Bob Inglis. Having recently spent a few days in Boston, we had some fun and enjoyed seeing Bob featured in the local news quiz for kids.

I won't give you the answer right away, but rather simply just the trivia question. Take your time with the answer and random guesses will be accepted...

Question 5: Former US Representative Bob Inglis was given the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award last Sunday. What did he do to earn the award?

A) Made great strides in the fight for equal rights

B) Demanded action on climate change

C) Contributed to peace negotiations in Palestine

D) Fought for tighter gun regulations

A trivia question/answer on "Jeopardy!" is the next stop.