statement on Rep. Matt Gaetz's Green Real Deal

8 months ago applauds Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz for introducing the Green Real Deal, a resolution calling on Congress to take action to mitigate climate-change risks through bipartisan clean energy solutions that would drive investment in carbon removal technologies and zero-emissions energy; modernize our nation's vulnerable and outdated electric grid; and incentivize owners of homes and commercial buildings to invest in energy efficiency upgrades.

"Mr. Gaetz's Green Real Deal shows that Republicans can put their free-market principles to good use in solving climate change, and that there are plenty of meaningful decarbonization policies that will attract bipartisan support and thus may actually be achievable by the 116th Congress," former South Carolina Rep. Bob Inglis, Executive Director of said in a statement. "Climate change is an urgent problem that demands urgent responses that harness the power of capitalism to deliver rapid technological change."

Gaetz's Green Real Deal promotes policies that enjoy support from both sides of the aisle and is built upon the promise that a clean energy economy can and will result from a newfound national commitment to innovation, competitive markets, and the deployment of advanced energy technologies.

"Rep. Gaetz and other conservative lawmakers are shattering the do-nothing orthodoxy that Republicans adopted during the Great Recession," Inglis added. "This is conservative climate leadership, and we should all celebrate together that a new day is dawning in climate politics, and it's not too late for America to lead, and to win this thing for the sake of our kids and grandkids." is a community of conservatives and libertarians committed to American climate leadership and market-based climate policy.