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Reyanthony 336285f9a838c8bb369fd5bbc77bc3c0337bfa5e29f062a9c9c5eaf017d41c88 Rey Anthony Lastre Twitter icon ec413218d37e4256e3ff008dba94eeda9a30e5ac5094d8c69e96f7496cc3bf9a

Born to a family of Cuban exiles, Rey Anthony's life has revolved around politics as long as he can remember. As a Miami native, he sees first-hand the negative affects that pollution, deforestation, & climate change have on his community.

An outspoken supporter of freedom, democracy, and Human Rights, he has been featured in the local, state, and national media for his involvement in the Cuban exile community and his commitment to the principles and values that America was founded on as a 21-year old trilingual millennial Latino.

In 2016, he was proud to have been nominated as a delegate to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland and is a major advocate for expanding & modernizing the conservative movement. He was named Volunteer of the Year by Republican Party of Miami-Dade County for his dedication to grassroots activism.

Rey Anthony lives in Miami and is currently a PhD candidate at Florida International University. His favorite president is Theodore Roosevelt.

Briansmith 681f1092fdabbcb5b8ecc53ba1d8afd8c220bb55e3a217fe5da90dc05e8487dc Brian Smith

Brian R. Smith is a Product Manager at Gogo Inflight in Chicago, IL, where he manages the development and maintenance of airborne internet and entertainment products. Prior to Gogo, Brian served as an officer in the United States Air Force and a contractor for the U.S. Army, where he developed and led initiatives to reduce battlefield casualties through the deployment of renewable energy and energy conservation solutions. Brian is a lifelong Republican, and has served in various leadership positions within the National Young Republican Federation. Brian earned an MBA / MEM from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Business and McCormick School of Engineering, and a Bachelors in Economics from Harvard University.

Brian has been En since Day 1, November 14, 2014

Kelsiew 5769b653d3d17643c5fb91f2fdc03d9d1f3ccd057c6c0eecac4dc9bb692c65a1 Kelsie Wendelberger

Kelsie Wendelberger is currently working at the Senate Budget Committee as a Policy Assistant in D.C. She is a highly motivated foreign affairs and political science professional with substantial leadership experience in both the public and private sectors. Over the years she has helped operate the Republican/conservative strategy for local, state, national, and international campaigns, and most recently served the Foreign Affairs Advisers for President Donald Trump's campaign. She has seen first-hand the importance of environmental care and sustainability, and how it can drastically improve the economy and everyday lives of people in her work abroad. This has motivated her to promote RepublicEn's mission both in the grassroots level back in her home state of Wisconsin and in the national level in D.C. Kelsie is a recent graduate from Wheaton College (’15) with a BA in International Relations and Economics.

Davidr 1c22e62d0f06e46448617cdad8155b8fb7d8e55c15511af0d5aa126e6839e0ab David Rokeach

David Rokeach is a Project Leader at The Boston Consulting Group in Washington, DC, where he has focused on strategy and organizational change for consumer, pharmaceutical, and public sector clients. Previously, he advised Republicans in the U.S. House and Senate on energy and environmental policy. David earned an MBA from Duke University's Fuqua School of Business, and a Bachelor’s in Political Science from Johns Hopkins University.

Liam 20cc4237f186727b3f4959c932b6d1eaa157fdc638d7ef648ab7e80bbd150c6b Liam Nuhring

Liam Nuhring, a graduate of Concordia College in Moorhead, MN as of late Spring 2017, has promoted conservative values and principles on campus and in his community throughout his college career. Serving as president of the school’s College Republican organization, as well as holding leadership roles on campus with Young Americans for Freedom and as a pro-liberty writer with Concordia’s student newspaper, The Concordian.

As a Biology major with a minor in Chemistry, science has served a crucial role in his undergraduate education. Nuhring is passionate about the development and implementation of positive measures to effectively combat climate change on a national scale, as a proponent of carbon neutral efforts in the form of carbon tax solutions. Nuhring plans to attend law school with the hope of pursuing a JD specializing in environmental law.

Carbon tax is the conservative solution to climate change | The Concordian

“In college campuses across America, young Republicans like myself are finding it hard to accept that the elders in our party trend toward indifferent or inactive on the issue of climate change. The good news is, someday we will be the leaders of this party. The bad news is, in the meantime, the impacts grow worse and worse.”

I can’t think of a more pressing or urgent issue facing our country and world than climate change. But in order for the GOP to become attractive to my generation, there must be a shift in perception of climate change politics.

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Samr da150bc6933a4b3a27d2f73a883cde7ed2623e39fcb17081e5c0bed974775f01 Sam Ressin

Sam Ressin is a first year undergraduate student at the University of Pittsburgh studying Economics-Statistics and Political Science. As an Eagle Scout, Sam cares deeply about preserving our natural resources for ourselves and future generations. He is active on campus as a member of the Green Fund, a student board that funds sustainable projects, and as a member of the Pitt Men's Glee Club. Sam is the President of the Climate Stewardship Society, a student organization that is working to bridging the divide on issues such as environmental stewardship and climate by appealing to the shared values of liberal and conservative students alike. He hopes to become an effective advocate for pollution-reduction policies with a focus on the economic reasons for doing so.

Kelsiw 5a9cdb229689305c01fba2d518d7c9eeb28b6896662ff405f91144ba144db2f1 Kelsi Wolever Twitter icon ec413218d37e4256e3ff008dba94eeda9a30e5ac5094d8c69e96f7496cc3bf9a

Native Iowan Kelsi Wolever, a recent graduate of Iowa State University with a dual degree in environmental science and political science, currently works as an associate consultant with Sibson Consulting. She first started working with in 2015 as a reporter for ClimateEye, leading the #Dare2Ask campaign in Iowa, where she followed the Republican candidates for the presidential nomination to events around the state to ask if free enterprise can solve climate change. Passionate for politics, she also hosted at her university discussion groups on the importance of conservatives engaging young voters with climate change policies. She lives in Chicago but remains rooted to Iowa.

Climate change is real, and we need to act | Des Moines Register

Too many leaders of the Republican Party feign they don’t know enough to act decisively (“I’m not a scientist, but — ”) or in the case of President Trump, “global warming as a hoax.” These holders of gavels and seats of power are not only denying an opportunity to lead the U.S. in tackling this issue of a generation, they also are sinking the Republican Party in the process.”

“A problem exists; we want to see leaders at all levels of government take action. As long as Republicans refuse to put forward a set of climate solutions, they will drive more and more young and first-time voters — even those of us who otherwise lean to the right — to the other party.”

“We will begin by acting in the voting booth.”

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Vernon lindo b1ac90eaf1877a808d90c04f12cb24a635f1b2860e51b65ebe9c638ad36f087e Vernon Lindo

Vernon Lindo is a rising sophomore at Cornell University where he is studying Industrial and Labor Relations with minors in Economics, Policy Analysis and Management, and Urban and Regional Studies. Vernon has been heavily involved in Republican politics since the age of thirteen, working in his home state of Florida on the Julius Melendez for Congress and the Governor Rick Scott for re-election campaigns. He has collaborated with on op-eds and youth outreach.

GOP wise to embrace fight against climate change | Orlando Sentinel

As a Republican activist who has worked in conservative politics for more than five years, I strongly believe that the party should embrace the fight against climate change, not just because it is politically expedient, but because climate change hurts the conservative agenda.”

“Conservatives who wish to preserve the country for future generations, protect the property of millions of Americans on the coast, honor their constitutional oath to their constituents, prevent a refugee crisis, protect the nation’s infrastructure and military from further damage, and keep government spending at a minimum should embrace a comprehensive climate policy that includes both adaptation and prevention measures because such a policy complements our shared principles and policy goals.”

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Jess 1562da4406eb51fc67ce95f39a45a79bdd76354209a2384e2eab3d4d1186b9a2 Jessica Fernandez

Jessica Fernandez leads Ai Advisory’s public affairs and marketing group, leveraging over a decade of experience in high impact roles working with political, public, and private sector clients to transform their communications and operations to drive awareness and conversions. A veteran of the McCain 2008, Romney 2012, and Trump 2016 presidential campaigns, she has held key roles in statewide campaigns, including statewide cabinet elections, Florida Senate, and Florida House of Representatives, and municipal campaigns.
She currently serves as President of the Miami Young Republicans, the largest and fastest growing Republican Club in Miami-Dade County, and Executive Director of the Florida Federation of Young Republicans and is a member of Maverick PAC. She also served as Florida’s youngest delegate to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in 2016, where she served as a voice for women. Ms. Fernandez is a noted LGBT advocate, receiving the Luminary of Equality award from SAVE in 2015, and has been a voice for market-based solutions to climate change.
Ms. Fernandez frequently provides political analysis in English and Spanish-language networks, and is a roundtable panelist for This Week in South Florida, and is frequent guest on AmericaTeVe, MiraTV and Actualidad Radio. She has been featured on Univision, Telemundo, Fusion TV, the Today Show, Fox News, CNN, Financial Times, Washington Post, and the Miami Herald.

Abel 1ed584f0344b906d594f25dff114918ea11ba3b017f7208bc5f5d1c66ab3df40 Jacob Abel

Jacob Abel originally hails from Huntington Beach, California, but he has lived in Concord, North Carolina for 12 years. Jacob's college education has taken him north to study International Relations with a minor in Business Administration at Seton Hall University in New Jersey. He is currently a sophomore.
Over the summer, he interned for Rep. Richard Hudson (R-NC-8). In high school Jacob did an internship for Rep. John Bradford in North Carolina's State Assembly as a house page. While at Seton Hall, Jacob has volunteered on a few local Republican campaigns around the state. He has also worked to register students at Seton Hall to vote using Turbo Vote. In his free time, Jacob likes to catch with friends, play golf, and keep up with current events.

Pinion 4c231574ee4c008079ca4444aca71e1a6564f0fb0b531e4549eb0a39284ec0de Joseph Pinion Twitter icon ec413218d37e4256e3ff008dba94eeda9a30e5ac5094d8c69e96f7496cc3bf9a

Joseph Pinion is the Founder & Chair of The Conservative Color Coalition, a political organization dedicated to promoting conservative engagement among ethnic, racial, and religious minority groups. A Republican strategist and a lifelong conservative advocate, Joseph frequently provides political commentary and analysis on CNN, MSNBC, & Fox News Radio. With over 10 years of political experience, he has worked on congressional races and state elections in New York and around the country, including the 2016 presidential campaigns of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and Ohio Governor John Kasich.
Joseph is also a small business owner and the Outreach Chair for the New York State Young Republican Federation. He is a Colgate University alum, where he studied Early American Literature and was a three year Varsity letterman in football. He currently resides in New York.

NY Republicans are taking the lead on confronting climate change with Bob Inglis |

‘At, we believe that a clean energy transformation will light up the world with more energy, more mobility and more freedom. We believe that an energy revolution -- like the tech revolution -- can create jobs and wealth in America, and we're certain that New York will play a leading role in this reinvention of energy.”

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Conservatives who want to act on climate change visit Syracuse University, proving there’s hope for environmental policy | The Daily Orannge

“We have a system that refuses to have a conversation openly and intellectually.”

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Gillette 15317910ffbcc0922b801637b01c1e7bde0ae1a4eb7faa288697538cdeb1701e Tyler Gillette Twitter icon ec413218d37e4256e3ff008dba94eeda9a30e5ac5094d8c69e96f7496cc3bf9a

Born in Houston and raised in Dayton, self-identified ecoRighter Tyler is a senior at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio where he's a Zoology and Environmental Science major. On campus, he's involved in Zoology Club, Primatology Club, Wildlife Society Club, and Miami University Eagle Scout Association and he's also a part of the local Pheasants Forever chapter. He writes for Miami University's student-led environmental publication: GreenHawks Media, where I help write weekly blogs about conservation and the environment. An Eagle Scout who loves the outdoors, boating and photography, he's applying to Miami University's Advanced Inquiry Program for graduate school where I hope to get Master's of Arts in Biology.

Casey 77fc5b5359791a0ff54b0fa4316e1598fb7cac1d0fd1bee774ec1acc180672e1 Chris Casey Twitter icon ec413218d37e4256e3ff008dba94eeda9a30e5ac5094d8c69e96f7496cc3bf9a

Chris Casey is a 1 st generation college student (and soon to be graduate) who grew up in the panhandle of Texas and has witnessed some of the devastating effects that historical droughts have brought over the last 8 years. From restricted water usage to bad crop seasons, Chris has seen the impact climate change can have on small farming communities.
Chris is a US Army veteran and senior political science major at Texas A&M University. Chris has previously served as the Director of Finance for The Black Conservative Federation, Chairman of Brazos County Young Republicans, and Risk Management Director for The Texas Federation of College Republicans. Chris is currently concentrating his efforts on building support among conservatives on the issue of climate change.

Nickh 96a98af061a6fa8c6c3a128892e403519980954ae6b0880f00158c06fb668596 Nick Huey Twitter icon ec413218d37e4256e3ff008dba94eeda9a30e5ac5094d8c69e96f7496cc3bf9a

Nicholas Huey is a 25 year-old advertising major schooled at LDS-owned Brigham Young University. He focuses his efforts on using mass persuasion to make a positive difference in the world of sustainability.
To support this cause, Nicholas started the Climate Campaign, a nonprofit dedicated to depoliticizing the topic of climate change in the state of Utah. Nick believes that climate change is not a party issue, it's a people one. That's the central tenet of the campaign.
Nicholas has a wife and two kids (he's such a Mormon) and is excited to move into the world of advertising and start making big changes in the professional world.