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EnCourage Utah

August 15: Climate impacts study tour in Provo Canyon
August or September: Townhall in Salt Lake City

EnCourage South Carolina

August 27-28: Events at The Citidel and the College of Charleston
August 27-28 (tentative): Study tour of Crab Island outside Charleston

EnCourage Nebraska

August 29 (tentative): University of Nebraska at Lincoln townhall
August 30 or 31 (tentative): Study tour on the Platte River

EnCourage Northern Illinois

September 10: Wheaton College townhall
September 11: Climate impacts study tour of West DuPage Woods

EnCourage New York

September 13: University of Buffalo townhall
September (TBA): Events in Ithaca and further upstate

EnCourage South Florida

August (TBA): Events in Miami
October (TBA): Events along Treasure Coast

EnCourage Western Michigan

October (tentative): Events in Western Michigan

EnCourage Texas

October 3: University of Houston townhall
October 12: Bob Inglis speaks at Texas Tech University in Lubbock
October (TBA): Townhall at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth
October (TBA): Townhall at the University of Texas at San Antonio

EnCourage Virginia

September or October (TBA): Townhall at Old Dominion University
September or October (TBA): Study tour of coastal Norfolk

EnCourage Eastern Washington

October (TBA): Events in at Washington State University
October (TBA): Study tour of the Snake River

EnCourage Fox Cities

October (TBA): Townhall at the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay

If you are with an organization that would like to partner with us at any of these stops reach out to us at price@republicen.org

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