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Susan collins

Collins calls for bipartisan spirit

Thursday Feb 22, 2018

 Echoing sentiment recently expressed by ...
Tobin az

Arizona conservative pushes solar

Wednesday Feb 21, 2018

 Former GOP lawmaker and utili...
Hfc cartoon

Senators introduce bill balancing jobs, environment

Tuesday Feb 20, 2018

20170105 coats

Director of National Intelligence warns of climate threat

Friday Feb 16, 2018

 Former Indiana Sen. Dan Coats, the Director of the National Intelligence, testified on Capitol Hill this week about the "abrupt" threat posed by climate change.
Trump jester

No surprise: Trump budget axes climate programs

Thursday Feb 15, 2018

 President Don...
Cwer flower

Climate Week En Review February 16, 2018

Thursday Feb 15, 2018

 Dearest ecoright Valentines, it's another week in the bag. And what a week it's been. We get you caught up below:
Murkowski salmon

Sen. Murkowski speaks truth to power

Wednesday Feb 14, 2018

 Sen. Lisa Murko...
Arnold schwarzenegger

Terminator calls Pruitt EPA tenure "so sad"

Tuesday Feb 13, 2018

Alert pruitt

Pruitt backhands science

Thursday Feb 08, 2018

 Perennial climate jester 
Cwer elk

Climate Week En Review February 8, 2018

Thursday Feb 08, 2018

 Dear Member of Congress: Do...
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