Join The Social Media Review Team

We have a private Facebook group for the ecoRight's most insightful and motivated social-media champions. republicEn's on the Social Media Review Team are the first people to see republicEn's original content, videos, and recruitment ad-campaigns. They provide critical feedback, test experimental content, and invent new strategies to engage republicEn members and attract new ones.

It's like republicEn's own private think tank.

If you fit the bill and wish to be considered for the Social Media Review Team, please express your interest by submitting the form below.

Why do we need you?

Whereas the Environmental Left has thousands of professionals churning out content on a daily basis, the ecoRight doesn't have a whole lot of content yet, and most of what we do have isn't well suited for grassroots education. republicEn is the grassroots home for the ecoRight, so it's our responsibility to create the content necessary to educate, recruit and engage conservative and libertarian grassroots to act on climate.

With your help, we can more quickly find what works and what doesn't. You would help us grow more efficiently by providing immediate and candid feedback before we spend our limited dollars on developing or promoting a video, a content series, a recruitment advertisement etc.

What would be expected of me?

  • Honesty -- you offer candid assessments of content we post on the private message board

  • Creativity -- you contribute ideas and suggestions

  • Reliability -- you routinely participate in discussions and add your two cents (we will drop inactive members from the group)

  • Confidentiality -- you don't share republicEn's private group content

  • Public sharing -- you do share republicEn's public content to your personal social networks

  • Facebook competency -- you won't have trouble knowing the difference between our private group and republicEn's public Facebook posts.

What do I get out of this?

Not much other than the satisfaction of advancing the cause of republicEn. But we will mark your profile with a Social Media Review Team badge and you'll have first dibs opportunities that arise for republicEn members.

Eligibility (all mandatory)

  • I am a republicEn member (Not sure? Click on Act and your state and see if you're there.]

  • I have a complete republicEn profile on this site (To check, you can click on Act and your state to find your profile. A complete profile has your picture and an "I'm En because" statement. If yours isn't complete yet, email the missing to to complete it]

  • I agree to treat private content confidentially